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Valsir Products Now Available as Revit Families
Auto-Routing for:
HDPE, Triplus and Silere
Valsir products are used world wide in large building projects  and our experienced technical team of engineers are always  looking for more innovative ways to help professionals in the  building industry such as Architects and Consulting Engineers  integrate our products into their designs. Our Rainplus Software already allows the designer to  accurately draw and size (with real flow rate simulations) a  syphonic rainwater drainage system which can then be  exported as a to-scale fully 3D model to Revit with all  components not only accurately visually represented in the  model but also having the correct description and product  code. We have now taken our Revit integration one step further buy allowing designers to import all of our products into Revit using the relevant Revit Families and connect to our products such as our flushing cisterns with a choice of 3 pipes that now have auto-routing capability in revit, namely HDPE, Tri-Plus and Silere. With our new templates for HDPE, Tri-Plus and Silere it now  becomes easy for Engineers and Architects to accurately show and co-ordinate plumbing drainage lines within their Revit  models. Our auto-routing for these three pipe types also  includes the relevant fittings as you draw and design, for  example, if you change your pipe diameter as you are drawing it will automatically insert an appropriate reducer with the  correct dimensions of that reducer and it will tell you if the  reduction you would like to attempt is possible or not with  what reducers are available to be supplied. The same is done  for all other fittings such as bends and braches which helps  the designer see exactly how much space will be required by  the drainage lines and thus be able to co-ordinate all other  services accordingly therefore avoiding any clashes well before the installation on site.
Above: Result of importing a design in our Rainplus software directly into Revit
To learn more about how our Revit Integration can help you and to get your hands on the latest version of our amazing Rainplus Software and our new Revit Families and Templates please contact our technical department. We will come out to your place of work and not only give you our software and Revit Files but also train you to use them so that you can immediately see and experience the difference that using our software will make to your productivity. Let us make designing rainwater and waste drainage a quick and efficient process for you.