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HDPE and PP traps In order to complement the HDPE and PP waste pipe and fittings system, Valsir also offers a complete range of high- quality traps and special fittings. Available in various diameters and in compliance with European Standards, they are suitable for all types of installations. The range of Valsir traps includes: Floor/terrace drains: these drains  are made of HDPE and PP with D.40 and 50 inlets, and also a series of accessories is available for all installations (plug with antifoam valve, gridded cap, gridded plate, etc.); Waste pipes and traps for bathtubs: the available versions include automatic closure or closing system with chain and plug. They can be delivered also complete with HDPE jointed bath trap; Fittings: a wide range of PP and HDPE straight fittings (long and short model) and bends, D.32, 40 and 50. Available with brass or plastic nut; Washbasin, bidet and urinal traps: PP white polished traps, D. 32 and 40, drain connectors  1”1/4 and 1”1/2; Taps and washing machine drain pipe: In-wall and exposed models available  D.40/50, white PP or stainless steel plate; Sink traps: Available in white PP with D.40 – 1”1/2 also with washing machine attachment for sinks with single or double drains; WC seals: A range of white seals for WC attachment, both eccentric and concentric; Traps for industrial use and check valves: HDPE traps with horizontal/vertical inlets and outlets, D.40 up to 110. Push-fit check valves with diameters from 110 up to 200: single, with closed end and with double throttle. CHARACTERISTICS: Complete range to complement the HDPE and PP waste and drainage systems, to satisfy all installation requirements. Functional and innovative design. Fully inspectable. Compatible with all pipes on the market. Manufactured with technologically advanced materials. Adjustable systems to swit all the installations.