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Range of fittings for water supply system. Range of fittings in PPSU to be mated with the Pexal pipe guarantees an increase of 30% in bore passage  as compared with normal compression or crimp fittings. The fittings can be re-used and the investment in  tools is negligible. The range includes diameters from 14 to 63 mm.  Pexal Easy is a technologically advanced fitting system that invloves the use of fittings made of  polyphenylsulphone (PPSU). The mechanical characteristics (tensile strength, modulus elasticity, etc.) far  exceed those of normal polymers on the market. Pexal Easy also possesses an elevated resistance to  ageing that is maintained constant even at elevated temperatures. The structure of the fitting is immune to  the common corrosive agent of metals and the greater part of chemical agents and it can therfore be  buried, chased into walls and installed outdoors.   The jointing method used with Pexal Easy, thanks to the flaring of he pipe, makes it virtually impossible to  pull the pipe of the fitting. Unlike other systems, Pexal Easy does not reduce the the pipe bore, which  usually occurs with press fittings, this results in significant reduction in pressure losses throughout the  system.