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Range of multi press fittings in PPSU for water supply Valsir presents Bravopress, the new crimp fittings made of PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone), a plastic material  with exceptional mechanical and corrosion resistance.  Valsir is very familiar with the properties of PPSU  and thanks to the wide experience gained in the use of this technical polymer with the production of Pexal  Easy fittings, has created the new range of Bravopress fittings that can be used with Pexal and Mixal  multilayer pipes. Bravopress is used in the construction of water supply, heating and cooling systems, but  not only. The body of the plastic fitting prevents water from coming into contact with the metal components,  ensuring excellent resistance to water with high concentrations of chemical agents and therefore potentially  aggressive water.  Bravopress guarantees the detection of leakages if incorrectly pressed; furthermore, it can be pressed at  any angle, allowing the installation of T fittings, reduced T fittings and elbows in all positions.  Characteristics:  Compatibility with a wide range of tools, the fittings can be pressed with the most widely used profiles on  the market (H-TH-U-B-F-C)  Performance: tightness is guaranteed thanks to the use of 2 o-ring seals on the fitting insert  Technology: Made of polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), a polymer with exceptional mechanical resistance which  guarantees high performance over time  Reliability: corrosion resistant stainless steel sleeves Chemical resistance to the majority of substances dissolved in water, in particular chlorine, cement and lime  Drinking water: the use of particular raw materials guarantees suitability for water supply systems  Safety: if incorrectly pressed, the fittings guarantee leakage detection during system testing  Long service life: the material withstands oxidation and corrosion caused by stray currents.  Made in Italy: Italian know how and production in compliance with standard requirements.  Range of fittings available in diameters: 16x2, 20x2, 25 x 3, 26x3, 32x3