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The new Valsir shallow trap is the ideal solution in low-height installations where the trap is fitted into the space  intended to house the system without increasing the height of the floor slab or making chases to insert the trap body.  The X-CENTER70 from the Valsir Design product line incorporates the Valsir shallows trap which allows floor level  showers to be created in a height of just 70 mm. The new Valsir shallow trap guarantees a flow rate that is 15%  greater than standard traps thus allowing excellent drainage level when large shower heads are used. The  configuration of the double water seal guarantees an excellent barrier against the return of foul odours from the  drainage system. Trap height of just 58 mm, ideal solution for renovations or wherever installation space is limited.  Resistance to odours of 700 Pa (as opposed to 400 Pa required by European Standard EN 274) thanks to the double  water seal and total watertightness.  Guaranteed flow of 0.8 l/s (as opposed to 0.4 l/s required by European Standard EN 274).  Total accessibility: by removing the cover/grid and the conveyor the trap is accessed directly and with the use of a  flexible utensil, cleaning operations can be carried out.  Fitted into X-CENTER70 of the Valsir Design range of floor level shower systems.  Compatible con D 90 shower trays in compliance with requirements of European Standard EN 274.  The diameter 50 mm connection is raised to compensate for the socket (in compliance with European Standard EN  1451) and to avoid breakage.  Flooring can be made waterproof with the use of the PVC sheet to create floor level showers. The minimum height  for this application is 85 mm measured above the grating. Cleaning operations are easily carried out as in the  previous application.