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AQUASYSTEM PP-R Piping system for Hot & Cold water AQUASYSTEM is a piping system composes of pipes and fittings made of PP-R (Polypropylene Random Copolymer).   The Aquasystem PP-R pipes are available in: Single layer PN 10 SDR 11 (Cold water only) Single layer PN 16 SDR 7.4 70* 6 Bar Single layer PN 20 SDR 6 70*C 8 Bar FASER Composite PN 20 SDR 7.4 70*C 8 Bar AQUASYSTEM pipes are manufacture with the latest technology FASER COMPOSITE, the pipes are made in the Multi-layer extrusion process that’s produce a higher stable pipe due to the fibre filling in the middle layer. Advantages - Its lifetime is 49 years 70*C 8 Bars (PN 20 SDR 7.4 SANS ISO 15874) - It can be used between 20 ˚C - 95 ˚C. - Taste, colour and scent of the water doesn't change. - 75 % less elongation - Quick and simple installation (Fusion Technique) - Reduces clamp distance Application areas - Indoor hot & cold sanitary systems - Indoor heating systems - Compressed air systems - Air conditioning systems
More advantages The linear expansion is reduced by at least 75 % compared with single layer PP-R  pipes The flow rate is increased by 20 % due to smaller wall thickness (PN 20 SDR 7.4) High stability The coefficient of linear expansion is nearly identical to that of metal pipes, so that compared with single layer PP- R pipes the support intervals can be enlarged and the number of clamps can be reduced. Optimum cost-performance ratio Lower weight High impact rate Jointing system The following fusion techniques are applied for hot and cold potable water supplies: Heating element socket welding Electro fusion socket welding Butt welding
Distances between clamps in mm, according to working  temperatures